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  • Throughout this site, the terms “we”, “our”, “website” or “Bestmarketingdigital.com” refer to the Bestmarketingdigital.com website. The term “you”, “you” means any person accessing this site.
  • These Terms and Conditions apply to your participation as a Site Accessor. “Bestmarketingdigital.com” by the way, we will assume. You have accepted the terms and conditions below. Once you have access through the website. “Bestmarketingdigital.com”
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  • Actions that violate privacy Including uploading personal information without the consent of the person concerned. Or violate the legal rights of others, including any abuse of this site. Or third parties
  • Use of this site to circumvent or defame the site.
  • Upload a file containing the virus. Or malicious or deceptive that may harm the site. And the third party within the site.
  • Posting unauthorized messages to this site. Including, but not limited to, information that the site deems to be potentially objectionable. Defamation Racial discrimination, harmful threats, obscene messages or images Or other illegal actions.
  • Request for Jurisdiction and Enforcement Obey the laws of the country in which you live.
  • Information on this site is provided. “AS IS” AND “AS IS” AND ARE PROVIDED “AS IS” AND ARE PROVIDED “AS IS” AND ARE PROVIDED “AS IS” AND “AS AVAILABLE”. It also does not guarantee or guarantee that the content of this website is complete, correct and reliable. Or not violate third party Nor does it guarantee or guarantee that you will be able to access this site safely and at all times.
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Disclaimer Policy

  • Information on the Bestmarketingdigital.com website. Sometimes it may not be accurate and truthful. Or misspelled letters. Or in terms of reliability of recommendation. Any personal opinion of the site or from third parties. Through the message or information displayed on this site. You should acknowledge that you may believe or disbelieve in the opinions, advice, or messages in the articles, but at your own risk. This site is just a site that provides SEO Internet Marketing & Adverting Online insights to the visitors.
  • Text, content or image in the article appearing on the website Bestmarketingdigital.com. It may be true for a while. And there may be new findings that may change later. This may cause the information to be distorted or different from the current reality. The website will not be held responsible for the potential consequences of any compliance. If any of the above issues are found, please let us know about any modifications.
  • The use or presentation of such information within the site. If the user is harmed to the site or to third parties. Will not create the right to liability and / or legal obligations on the site. Site users And outsiders in any case.
  • The articles on Bestmarketingdigital.com are intended to educate the general public about SEO Internet Marketing & Adverting Online. But knowledge may change and may not work, so check the information and decide on manual implementation.
  • Some articles on the site Bestmarketingdigital.com may arise from the knowledge, understanding, experience or opinion of the author himself. The website can not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the content. So you should always use your judgment. Because the website will not be held responsible for the impact or disadvantage that may arise from any compliance.
    The website can not guarantee that the information on the website will not be free of errors, because in fact the credible information that we use to refer. There may be errors.

Limitation of Liability

Site users “Bestmarketingdigital.com” agrees that the site will not be responsible for any damages incurred, including loss. And expenses incurred, either directly or indirectly or by specific means. Or by chance Or as a result of your access to the site. “Bestmarketingdigital.com” or that any person can not access.


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The Bestmarketingdigital.com reserves the right to change the site strictly. Or modify Or remove any part of this Terms of Use, in whole or in part, at any time. Without any advance notice. Changes to this Terms of Use will be effective immediately upon completion. If you continue to use this website after the Terms of Use have been changed. You are deemed to have accepted the change.

Privacy Notes

  • Any information provided on this site is at your own risk. And you agree that monitoring any changes to the information contained on the Website is your responsibility.
  • The personal information you provide Or through the processing of the computer that controls the site Bestmarketingdigital.com. This means that you have accepted and agreed that the information is owned and licensed by Bestmarketingdigital.com. The website will provide the best protection of your confidentiality. And in the event that such personal information is hacked and not caused by the negligence of the Website. Or lost or damaged due to force majeure. Bestmarketingdigital.com reserves the right to refuse all liability for any such reason.
  • Bestmarketingdigital.com website Respect your privacy and privacy and give importance to the protection of your personal information on the Internet. By the way, the site pledged. “The privacy of all members is kept strictly confidential. And will not permit or otherwise make available your access to such information. It will not disclose your contact information to the public and any third party, in any case, unless otherwise noted. But in general, you can visit the site without telling the site who you are. You do not need to disclose your personal information.
  • The site may share demographic information or surveys from third-party tracking technologies. These data will be in the form of anonymous and non-personally identifiable information.

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