Email marketing drip

How to Tailor Email Drip Campaigns That Deliver Results

Email marketing drip is a process that involves sending a series of emails to your subscribers. To do this, you have to complete certain call-to-actions called ‘triggers.’  Triggers could be opting into your list, click on links in your emails, or even making a purchase.

Typically, triggers are scheduled to go out after a period for instance, after a customer submitted his email address, he will immediately receive a welcoming email. And depending on the nature of your offer, maybe a crash course, you will have to breakdown the whole course into consumable junks; and you employ drip process to send them out after say two days or even every week since he opted in.

Email marketing drip

What are the types of drip methods?

Use of email marketing drip campaigns can be categorized according to various factors. These include the kind of emails you want to send, the timing and the relationship you have with your subscriber. Below are some drip email marketing categories:

Welcome drip emails

When a prospect opts into your list, it is advisable to send them an immediate email. The email ought to welcome the prospective customer into your business world. Detailed in the welcome email should be what the customer should look forward to from your company and products. Research shows that a very high percentage of welcome email compared to others there after receive a wide reading rate. So, you don’t want to waste this golden chance of making your prospect anxious for your next message.

Promotional drips

With this series of emails, you promote your products or services (sales emails) to your subscriber. You can include subscribers-only discounts, coupons, and other bonuses.

Social engagement drip campaigns

These are emails, which you send out to promote your social media accounts. The main objective here is to let your subscribers know that you are on social media too. If they will respond and follow you on social media, you can later use them when developing ‘look-alike’ audiences.

Reengagement drip emails

You will use these type of campaigns to remind your dormant subscribers why they opted-in. You will need to reignite their interests.

Shopping cart-follow up emails

These emails are sent to customers to encourage them to buy. They are useful when a customer visits your online store, adds products to a cart but logs out without completing the process.You send them a recovery email to remind them to finish the buying process. To encourage them to take action, use reminder notifications or you can offer incentives.

Training drip series

You can use a series of emails to teach your customers best ways to use your products or a service. Through automation, you can send out the high quality content or video tutorials to them.

How Will You Benefit From Using Email Series?

Using email marketing drip campaigns helps your company,

  • Reach out and keep in touch with your prospects. You get a chance to offer value and keep them thinking about your brand
  • You nurture relationships, build trust and credibility with your subscribers. By constantly teaching them new tactics of solving their problems, asking and answering their questions you making them refer you as an expert; this increases their chances of buying from you.
  • You get an opportunity to market your business and show what makes you different from the rest. Email marketing is all about providing value and not always promoting your products.
  • After you have nurtured relationships and they now consider you the go-to person, you start making money through promotion of your products

How to Get Started With Email Drip Campaigns

Getting started with drip marketing campaigns involves a lot of research and goal setting. To have a successful email marketing drip process,

Set realistic and specific goals

Pinpoint what you want to achieve with email marketing such as increasingsubscribers’ engagement, revenue, educating customers, or building a relationship. To succeed you need to be specific tohelp you customize messages that carry the particular call to action.

Knowing your business’ objectives

This helps you determine the right campaign, whether to educate, nurture, or re-engage your subscribers.

Know your target market

Who are your target customers? Do you have any idea where they live?What are they struggling with, what attracted them to you, and what makes them open your emails, the phrases that make them act?

Create high-quality content

Create content that will make them stop, read and take action. Create content that fits their profiles and addresses their pains directly.

Pick the best program

The program should help you execute your plan and achieve your objectives. Use reliable automation software that fits your budget and offer excellent services. Set up the necessary logistics such as the design of the message platform, time for scheduling and triggers then send out your campaign.

Track your emails

This helps extract valuable data that will help you improve your campaigns. Monitor and evaluate the performance of your drip campaign. It is advisable to do A/B testing on your subject lines to decipher the ones that get higher open rates and perform adjustments accordingly.

Many organizations are adopting email marketing drip as a way of solving impending business problems relating to sales and performance. However, most of these organizations are going about the whole process wrongly. Understanding the types of email marketing drips, their purpose and how you benefit is one way of engaging a results-oriented marketing drip.

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