lead nurturing emails

Smart Strategies to Nurture Your Leads

Research shows that almost half of your leads are not yet ready to buy from you. Of the remaining fifty percent, only a quarter of them are actually ripe. That is, ready to remove their credit cards and make a purchase.

So what will you do with the ones who are not yet ready to buy?

Sending lead nurturing emails right away may be helpful. A great percentage of potential customers are likely to open nurturing emails than they are likely to open normal emails.

lead nurturing emails
lead nurturing emails

What is Nurturing?

Nurturing is a process of developing better relationships and helping your prospects move down the sales funnel. You do this by concentrating on important aspects such as their pains. Know where they are and where they want to go. Your product is what will help them achieve their objective.

Lead Nurturing Emails

This are emails structured and tailored to develop relationships between your organization, existing and potential customers. Lead nurturing emails are automated messages sent to customers across your lead or subscriber market.

Types of Successful Lead Nurturing Emails

Knowing where and how to start sending nurturing emails may not come easy for all businesses. You need to know as a company, how to reach your customers, press into their needs and give solutions to them. Your customers need:

  • Informative Emails

Send them emails that will help them learn something new. If you want to send lead nurturing emails, pick educational emails. Display your value by showing them new tricks of solving their problems. The trick is to concentrate on one topic in each email, and it should correlate with your products/services but remember not to talk much about yourself.

  • Personalized Emails

Emails that are tailored to correspond with your potential client’s behavior. Remember not all lead nurturing emails should be broadcasted. From time to time, send an email outside the regular series asking your prospect what could be hindering his/her buying decision. If he replies your email, use your next email to touch more on the issue he highlighted.

  • Goal-oriented emails/ Improving emails

Help them be better/improve. Send lead nurturing emails that help your prospect achieve their goals; may be to lose weight, get a promotion or anything that brought them first to you. Align your emails to reflect you as someone who can help them become better than yesterday. This will move you away from a typical salesperson, to a friend. You trust your friend, and you buy through his/her recommendations.

  • Reminder Emails

If your prospects have become dormant, they have stopped responding or stopped opening your emails, send them something to re-engage with them. Remind them the problem that brought them to you and why you are the perfect solution for that. To reignite them, request them to give you feedback on what could make your emails best suit them. This will also help you get the best way to personalize your next emails.

Making Your Lead Nurturing Emails Effective

As we have seen, making the prospects buy requires consistent lead nurturing emails.

Email is the only way you can reach and convince them to buy from. However, how will you make your email effective?

Characteristics of effective email marketing

Content is what convinces prospects to heed a certain call-to-action, but you will be using email as a tool. So to achieve your objectives, make sure your emails are:

  • Relevant- gone are the days of broadcasting messages. Now, you have to segment your subscribers and send personalized emails
  • Trustworthy- spammy subject lines will make your prospects run away and even hit that unsubscribe button fast. Set realistic expectations and send messages that make sense to them
  • Conversational and give your prospects a chance to respond by either asking or answering your questions
  • Coordinating- your emails should provide connections between social aspects and your web content.
  • Strategic- position of your major call-to-actions and most important aspects of your messages should be strategically placed.

Being able to achieve lead nurturing emails that adhere to the mentioned standards is not easy. It requires a lot of work, planning, and tweaking which means trial and errors. Could there be another way around this? Yes definitely!

Alternative ways of nurturing other than use of emails 

  • Use retargeting by using video ads. Facebook is the best site for this.
  • Use online groups and forums to engage with your prospects.
  • Use live chat in your website
  • Collect their phone numbers and send them SMS alerts
  • Don’t ignore the traditional postal services. Use them.

Understanding the nurturing process and the benefits of lead nurturing emails is crucial. It will help you choose the best fit for your business and one that you are comfortable with. But remember, adding value is the mission. You will be increasing chances of making a sale if you make your prospects feel cared for.

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