3 Questions for People Who Want to Start A Blog

I think that almost everyone has heard the word Blog. Many people may have a blog may be active or not active. Some people are interested in learning the blog some people do not know what it is. Or is it hard to grasp that you know, but really do not know what Blog, Blog and why, in fact it has more than you may know or understand.

Weblog was first called in 1997 by Jorn Barker before Peter Merholz cut the word out of the Web and left Blog in 1999, and the word Blog was widely used. But before this name. Let me go back to 1990 to find out the origin of the Blog.


What is a blog?

Foreign commerce websites have web pages that display company information sorted by date, date of actual message, from new to old. English calls this type of sort. Chronological Order The purpose is to share the news and keep in touch with the people involved in the community, such as business partners, etc. Then this structure is developed and expanded to computer users. Justin Hall started the blog in 1994 as a student.

There are also Jerry Pournelle and Dave Winer that have been recorded as the first bloggers to work in different places. The first blog was written for personal or personal journal. Family activities and photos of children. Another popular content through the blog is the corporate news.

But after Internet technology has grown and the world is entering the age of information age, the blog industry has grown tremendously and is not limited to journalism or diary anymore, but covers the professional niche. Specialized science The knowledgeable people who offer product & professional services have turned to Blog as their online empire.

Why Blog?

If it is a former, it may be called Blog as a hobby or Blog to update news. There are only two reasons, but today Blog to connect the world. To create a title To create a task To publish and expand business To introduce and sell products and services. To create an online universe, etc., but you want to fill in the gaps. But let’s choose the reason for it to make money. Because Blogger’s current definition is Blog to Monetization – make a blog to make money.

Around the world, a lot of people make money from Blog substantial. America is the most professional Blogger hub in the world. Many Americans are full-time bloggers like

Pat Flynn from Former architects are about to be disbanded. He wrote down his knowledge about architecture, his blog was intended as a private diary, but there was an overwhelming interest. He tried to compile and sold under the name of Green Exam Academy. It sold for Baht 61,000. The first day on sale on the site. Currently, he has a monthly average sales from the Green Exam Academy every month, not counting the other products he makes. Pat is now a specialist in Blogging for Business.

Brian Moran from He is a baseball player. He is a baseball player in his school. He learns, learns to train, falls down, until Know-How crystallises. After college, he uses the night after work. Playing Baseball Before Making a Product Information Product About Baseball Selling to Riches Nowadays Brian is a specialist in Social Media Marketing.

Nathan Hartnett from Former air traffic control officer trying to find meaning of life along the way. He studied the eCommerce business until he did not become a slave to his regular employer and did not bow to eBay. He studied eBay’s best sellers and took out the information to create his own stand-alone platform, direct sales to customers without control. Nathan is a roaming entrepreneur who travels the world and connects to every online business with wi-fi. Nathan now has a Retail Rebellion and ECommerce Business Expert

Purna Duggirala from This Indian is an ordinary worker. And then work with the knowledge of Excel to open the web to teach Excel and free training videos, but who wants to learn a specific topic deep in the Excel to register to pay money to access the service … Purna’s online business has no cost. Excel is the knowledge that he has learned from his regular job over the years and during his regular work has a salary. Purna calls himself CEO, Chief Excel Officer, and then he earns a minimum of 4 million baht a year.

Here is a small sample of the hundreds of thousands of people around the world, the success of Blogging for Business Blog, the answer clearly why …. I knew this all turns to the question why does Blog it!

Blog do?

The short but simple question How big is a blog? The answer is raw, you are the Internet. Sign Up Blog The two biggest blog system providers are and WordPress, which are separated into and Many of the web display and push to have many technical tasks such as having to host with Hosting provide a little bit of HTML knowledge, leading to new headaches for It’s easy to use, no host does not need to be good at techniques, but there are not many features to make blog by It is almost a Diary to install the system is not very much developed into a business blog can not be happy. is the easiest of three global support platforms, including electronic forms, payment forms, and so on. A little theme makes the blog look like. Even if you try to fine-tune with the graphic image, layout and side bar, but still not the smell of the look at dozens of, then finally one day, you may have to use WordPress as well. With me, that blogging experience through has been smoothly turned to host with WordPress for Business as seen.

After you sign up and set up your blog, you post the article. That’s it!

It’s not easy to succeed overnight success. No one tells you that he has the formula for overnight success. Nowhere in 2013 is the online world with a blog of no less than 9,000,0000 sites and a new blog launched an average of 40,000 sites a day. It is also a private blog type. Today I went to show and share pictures, life, happiness, etc. But not a few, too, the opening of the online realm to seek a share in the vast cyber-money. And many of them are disappointed or not affected by the rumors.

What is a Blog Summary? Why blog Blog it + give it a work

Metaphor for success with locked doors. You will open the door, it must use the correct key, match the lock, it will open. If you use the wrong key, it will lock like that. Success as well It is a serious act. Continuing and correctly correct The right mind set – If you have the right mindset, then you have to be faithful.

The question is how the blog is both wide and deep. There is a foundation. Put the strategy and procedures.

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