JPMorgan Chase Advertising Campaign With Ineffective Advertising

Brand Safety

Brand Safety has become a major issue in this era. The mechanism that causes Brand Safety is an automated ad-trading system that allows advertisers to place advertisers online in a variety of categories, according to the buyer’s choice of contextual and planned categories. The fact that many people like to buy advertising through this system because it can distribute the content itself, or to pay money online advertising online. This goes to show results in the most various issues, but when combined with the Brand Safety Adds Fraud or go into a lot of money. Or advertising to show the most is probably not the answer.

The big American bank JPMorgan automated online advertising

The big American bank JPMorgan Chase, which advertised itself online through an automated online advertising system with over 400,000 websites. The number of advertisements on this large number of websites is considered to be normal today. But when the Brand Safety problem occurred, JPMorgan Chase decided to filter the site to advertise up to about 5,000 sites only to advertise. The result of this change is that advertising in 5,000 sites works. And the number as well as the number of sites over 400,000 sites have been down to normal.


This lesson of JPMorgan Chase is interesting, because usually what marketers do is choose to buy ads through the system automatically buy the criteria, when the purchase is complete, the ads of the marketers will appear on the site. Millions of websites are in the system, and the criteria they choose to purchase, especially the programmatic advertising that marketers or people who care about advertising, can refine the purchase. If the target audience and the cheapest price to get out of the store. But the fact of the purchase is that people do not know what the content is buying is all about it. Just know that there are related words inside or have a habit of buying. But it can not be certain that the website that Adara is going to find is suitable for brand advertisements. Or target audience on the site. Targeted counterfeit or Botnet itself, the ads that go down and then the press has become a reality. Or to advertise on a quality site compared to the budget goes down. And, more importantly, the budgets that go into these websites do not come back to worthwhile sales.


What JPMorgan Chase did was to use a strategy called whitelisting, by removing the ads from Youtube, and by having more than 1,000 YouTube adverts on the ads. And filter the advertised website to about 5,000 sites. The result of JPMorgan Chase used to check the ads to advertise online. JPMorgan Chase found that there were only 12,000 websites, or just 3%, to display the ads. The JPMorgan Chase Team Check out the 12,000 websites that are more like sites that want to advertise. JPMorgan Chase, or JPMorgan Chase, has found that more than 12,000 websites are doing well, 7, 000 sites did not meet the criteria set by JPMorgan Chase. JPMorgan Chase took that budget to 5,000 sites. And ignoring the warning of the owner of the Platform put aside the rest of the site just to make that product disappear and reach disappear.


The action of JPMorgan Chase is interesting because it sets the standard for making quality online advertising by creating quality and quantity ads. Make the most of your budget. Plus, make the brand safe from the bad image to come up with. It also demonstrates that the vast array of content and automated ad buying systems still require people to check their listings or view the quality of their content. To get the best return to advertising itself. But the problem with these actions is that the owner of the advertising platform may lose customers who advertised in the budget more immediately. What the Platform owner needs to do is to ensure that the online ads that enter the system get the right quality back.

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