Ingvar Kamprad: From Children Selling matches to the IKEA Empire

“Only those who are asleep make no mistakes”

The phrase from Ingvar Kamprad, the Swedish founder of IKEA’s large furniture retailer, means that there are only people who have never slept. Or we are familiar in that sentence. People who did not do anything wrong. Is someone who does nothing

IKEA large furniture retail center With over 301 branches in 44 countries and 139,000 employees with sales of at least 35 billion US dollars a year. But who knows, at the beginning of the large furniture retailer IKEA started? The greatness of IKEA comes from the box matches.


Lesson 1, I must do it. Start small

Ingvar Kamprad, founder of the IKEA furniture retailer, started out shopping seriously as a child. During his childhood, he noticed that the adults in the village used to use matches. He found that in Stockholm there was a wholesale source of cheap matches he could buy as a bulk pack and to retail to make a profit. He took the money to invest to buy matches to retail and then bike to sell the village. When it was profitable, he expanded his base from no fire to a fish seed, decorating a Christmas tree. And stationery

At the age of 17 years (1943), he founded IKEA, a combination of his name, Ingvar Kamprad, followed by the surname of the farm owner Elmtaryd, and ended with. The name of the village was born Agunnaryd.

IKEA at the beginning of the sale of general purpose goods. Wallets, watches, jewelry and fresh items by trading the mail order system (compared to today’s e-commerce). Until 1947, he began to try to sell cheap furniture and appeared to sell very well. He decided to take over furniture in 1951.

Lesson 2 Try to find the right way Then focus on the candidate. Build strengths over competitors.

When Ingvar Kamprad found that selling furniture to him was the most common, he reduced the port of other paraphernalia. Then turned to the furniture market full force. Even at that time there will be enough competitors. And the strategy of selling furniture is mostly focused on price war. But Ingvar has the attitude that competition is the driving force for self-development. He was looking for a new sales approach that was hardly ever done in those days. That is the showroom.

In 1953, Ingvar launched a furniture showroom, which is exotic. Because most merchants at the time were selling through mail order and catalogs, the showroom opened to the excitement of the customers, as they were able to see them before they even bought them, including the disassembled furniture. Go home immediately called Cash & Carry ever.

Lesson 3 Richly Conscious Rich soils And benefit others

Ingvar Kamprad has been acclaimed as a money acquaintance. Even when the business was successful and had a lot of money, he also took the subway to work. There is a telling story among the hotel staff that Ingvar spent the night drinking and drinking in the Minibar (which is very expensive) of the hotel. He went to buy the same brand of drinking water from the convenience store. This is similar to some of the business people I’ve heard of, but it’s the same thing that some business people choose not to touch in the minibar, hungry until the opportunity to go out and buy food and drink outside. Hotel, etc.

But that does not mean Ingvar is stingy, the size of drinking water alone can not be paid. Ingvar is a charity and a major contributor to UNICEF, donating money to people suffering from the project. Consistently

What I learned from wealthy businessmen.

Before I learned the mindset of wealthy businessmen. I have heard a number of people talk about people who have achieved many negative things, such as hunger, money, selfishness, exploits, fraud or high cost of living. But many of the examples I’ve encountered and have worked so closely are not. Highly successful people have a very positive attitude. Through what comes to mindfulness and diligence. Many people are not good at birth but rich, but born. But they are brave and dare to plan immediately.

That’s what gives them access to great opportunities. Try it right, until you find the right path to success. And in fact, people who have a bad attitude toward people have a better sense of well-being, richer and richer in society than people he does not like … but they just do not make it. Finally

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