inbound marketing strategy

“Inbound Marketing” Marketing Strategy

Before going to talk about “Inbound Marketing“, people often hear the name “Content Marketing” than what people often think is that we have to rely on creativity. People often see that Content Marketing is a popular trend to make the Viral, in fact. Have different views Think deeply. Want to explain how to do Content Marketing through the theory of “Inbound Marketing“, then you will find that Content Marketing is not just an art. But it’s a challenging science.

inbound marketing strategy

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound is the market that pulls. Not push

Traditional Marketing is what we call market driven marketing. They will send it out to the media and channels. To reach the consumer Whether on TV ads, on radio, or on book pages, we call this traditional marketing method “Outbound Marketing”.

While marketing a new style. Inverse Marketing (In = Marketing) is the marketing that the audience wants to come to us. Instead, we have to go out on other channels. In an attempt to outperform, Inbound is committed to making its own channels of inviting quality.

Compare Outbound marketers are like fateful travelers. Inbound marketing is like the boss of the strategy to build a bureau. Or their channels to quality.

Of course there is no wrong or wrong way. According to a Demand Metric survey, Content Marketing has been able to generate 3x more leads while saving up to 62%

Your channel does not include social media.

“I have my own page. I have a regular post content. I mean, I’m following Inbound already. “This statement may not be wrong. But still not complete And it is missing a lot. The image below from Axon Garside will help readers see that using social media or PR channels is just one of the tools in the Inbound.

Inbound Marketing

It can be seen that the steps. It is a cone. Or we call it Funnel to organize the idea that the content that we do the channel that we use. Properly used in any of the early stages (mouth, cone) or tip (tip of the cone)

So first, content must be strategic.



Inbound Marketing has a framework for strategic planning. This image was inspired by HubSpot’s popular image, which explains how the Inbound Marketing framework works.

inbound marketing strategy


In the first step, we want to change from a stranger to a visitor. In fact, we are not a stranger, we do not know where to go. But it should be the people we see that they are our target audience (through the buyer persona). The tools that attract people include blogs, Social media, SEO for keywords etc. Content you do in this step. Content should be responsive to the needs or interests of some of these people.

inbound marketing strategy


The next step is to get to know our morning visitors more by putting a Call-to-Action (CTA) to attract them from the Visitor. Lead them to fill out a small form of information. For example, an email in which we should offer something to help him more like a free eBook.

Attract + Convert is also called Lead Generation, which has much knowledge in this matter. It is another science that it is.

inbound marketing strategy


Lead is a very important group. Think of him as someone who responds to our CTA request. That means he’s a lovely bunch of people who are not interested in us. He knows us well. And we know him at some level (from the CTA we asked him). Now we have a house to think about what to do. He loves us more of course content for people who are interested in us. With people who do not know us much differently.

Example in step Let’s say we have an email to contact each lead. Now we can deliver great benefits. Give them more (do not send spam). Deliver better content tailored to fit them more. And when our products or services are interesting. They can become our lovely customer.

inbound marketing strategy


The customer is one of the best promoters you can have. As a customer review, it is considered a very powerful content. Do not forget to find a way to give your customers a chance to promote to you. Simple example is to ask for help to share on social, etc. His friends who may be Stranger for us is likely to see this shared content. And become your new Visitor.

It can be seen that doing the right content right at the right time and right is very important. And we should plan systematically.

inbound marketing strategy

Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing

Abroad, there are many marketers out there debating these two terms. Content marketing is a subset of Inbound Marketing. We personally look at the use of any term. Because it is just a different term. It depends on the popularity of marketers. But they all have the same backbone. That is, creating valuable content.

  • The word Content Marketing is charming, it reiterates the word Content is the key.
  • Inbound Marketing is a glamorous way that it reiterates to us that. The goal of this content is to make people Walk in to find our channel and when it comes, we should look at how we can do Content that creates value in Marketing and Sales. some

Note that we underline the word. “Our channel” means that In addition to making good content, the creation of channels. Or your site to be good to be. That is another important factor. So within the bestmarketingdigital blog, we will also have content that teaches how to customize the site as well, such as website creation techniques to load fast.

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