email marketing sequence

How email marketing sequence can help your business

In the world of digital marketing, there are countless strategies that you can use to publicize your business.

Today popular strategies include SEO, pay-per-click, social network marketing and others – but many marketers ignore one of the most important and effective online marketing channels: e-mail Email marketing is one of the most advantageous marketing strategies available to businesses of all sizes. It’s cost effective and can help you reach customers you already know and who are interested in what your business has to offer.

We will discuss how email marketing sequence can help your business and how to start your own email marketing campaign.

Email marketing is a strategy that can benefit any business, from small family stores run by a couple to large businesses. Some marketing strategies are out of reach for small businesses, simply because of the cost. But email marketing is a cost-effective strategy that can be made for any budget – making it a great option for young businesses.

But just because it’s great for small businesses, it does not mean it’s a less efficient channel than its expensive counterparts. As companies grow, they can improve their strategies to include automatic email campaigns, drip campaigns, and customized content.

So no matter your business model or your business size, you can benefit from email marketing. 

email marketing sequence
email marketing sequence

4 Benefits of Email Marketing sequence to your business

Now that you know that e-mail marketing is suitable for virtually any size of business and any market, it’s time to talk about the benefits and why your business should use email marketing as part of Your marketing strategy.


E-mail marketing is ultra-targetedunlike other advertising methods, such as billboards or radio advertisements; email marketing only affects customers who already know you.

Segmentation is another targeting feature that brings your strategy to another level. This refers to the practice of splitting your subscriber list into individual segments, and sending emails more suited to each of the members.

For example, if you are a sporting goods store that has three different geographic locations, but only one outlet is on sale, you can segment your email list by location and send only a promotional email to subscribers who live closest to the store on sale.

To go further, when you provide the form to users to subscribe to your newsletter by email, you can also ask what they are interested in. If you are a specialty store, you can ask them which brands or product categories they are interested in, and you will only send emails related to those interests.


Another point that makes email marketing particularly advantageous is the cost. Email marketing is one of the most affordable and reliable ways to sell your company’s products and services online.

Email marketing is profitable Consider this:

You could potentially pay hundreds of dollars to see an ad for your business appear in your local newspaper or magazine, or to have a physical brochure or print advertisement sent to all mailboxes based on postal codes. But with email marketing, you do not have to pay any advertising costs and you do not have to pay any postage. You simply choose an e-mail marketing platform, write your content and send it to your subscribers, and maybe free of charge.

And if you are looking to improve your email marketing strategy, you can invest in professional writing, automation marketing, drip campaign and tracking software. Yet the price of this software is relatively low compared to other marketing strategies.


Sometimes it can be difficult to see exactly how users interact with other marketing strategies.

For example, there are no ways to know how many people are seeing the billboard you posted on the roadside, with the exception of your sales increase. But even then, you may not be sure that these sales have anything to do with your billboard, or if it’s just a coincidence.

Email marketing is easy to follow

However, with e-mail marketing, it’s easy to follow it – so you know exactly how users interact with your emails. If you opt for tracking software for your email marketing campaign, you will see how many people have opened your email, how many people have been transformed because of this email and how users clicked e-mail. All this information is extremely important to understand how to improve your newsletter in the future and from here.


Perhaps the best advantage of email marketing is its incredible ROI.

Email has a high return on investment Due to its low cost of use; it is easy to get a much higher ROI with an email than any other channel. In fact, e-mail marketing campaigns generate an average ROI of 3800%, which allows your company to generate € 38 for every euro you spend.


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