email drip campaign ideas

Email Drip Campaign Ideas to Increase Conversion Rates

The ideas that are available for implementation to increase conversion rates are massive. The email drip campaign ideas especially are top notch and you can choose from various available options. With drip campaigns, there is nothing you cannot integrated as long as you use it wisely and keenly keep tabs on it. Progress is key in every business and if high conversion rates are your benchmark for progress, then you should adopt every idea out there to ensure you accomplish your mission.

email drip campaign ideas

The ideas

If you have the feel that your competitors are at a more advantage than you are, then you aren’t thinking in the line of email drip campaign ideas that are at your disposal. The options are limitless and you can beat even the big giants in the game. All that you require is focus and determination on what you are to achieve and you will be the man or woman in town stealing the show.

Simple welcoming and thank you content:appreciation is important in every aspect of life if you want to succeed. If any leads converts into a customer, take advantage of the email drip campaign idea and welcome them aboard. On the other hand, it the customer makes their first ever sale, don’t forget to say thank you for that is an extra earning on your wallet. Since its not only one lead or customer who will be utilizing your products, exploit the email drip campaign and customize the emails to give them a personal touch.

Education tools: you have to sell your brand if you want to make any real sales. This will only happen though if you have any converted leads who will be the customers to your product. However, making a onetime sale is not the agenda, rather it is to create a life time relationship with the customers and make a name for your brand out there. Provide relevant product on your content and let the leads know the benefit it has to their lives.

Showing personality:as much as your product and services are the main concerns of your conversion rate, don’t you think it is wise to add some personality in the automated emails? Thinking of it, it is a great idea. It helps in assuring the people that you are actually present and you do care about them as much as you care about what you are offering them. People like someone who they can connect with even though it’s not face to face.

Free trials: some people are skeptical about trying out new things. As much as what you are promoting is ideal, there are those who would love to have a taste on the icing before they can eat the cake. It’s not that they don’t trust what you are offering completely but it is the feel of real life experience that will determine their conversion into prospect customers.

Success with cold sales leads:this is probably the hardest email drip campaign idea out there. You cannot cry over spilt milk, but in this scenario, you can and try to reconvene lost leads into customers. There are various techniques you can apply but set it a mission to bring back the lost into the fold. As long as you have it on the back of your mind, you will do everything possible to make sure that you have changed their minds and added a few people to your list of customers.

Coupons and promotions: provide coupons for new signups and introduce them to what it is you are offering and drive the sales up by a profit margin. This kind of idea is ideal as it empowers the leads to join on their own and not because they were forced into it. However, it is important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t concentrate too much on sales as you may drive away the potential customers.

Reminders: everyone is doomed to forget. However, with the various email drip campaigns, you can customize them to constantly remind you of certain events that happen occasionally and not on daily basis. This helps keep everything on track and since everyone will be out to viewing them, you should incorporate some marketing techniques to present new features, ideas and even products.


Nothing is ever too complicated to be handled. There are several ideas that are brilliant and are sure as day to bring you great conversion rates, which will boost your sales. You may try out the different campaign ideas to improve the conversion rate but with each and every one of them, ensure to carefully review and be aware of the risks that may arise. It is a two-sided puzzle where you can gain with prospects and enhance competition, but at the same time, if and only if wrongly implemented, be your downfall.

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