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An email autoresponder is a computer program or script used for email marketing, and it runs on a Web server. Autoresponders allow you to send out emails to a collated list of email addresses (ranging from 1 to 100,000s or more).

Adding email addresses to the list is via an online subscription form. You pre-load pre-written email messages to go out to this list of addresses on a roster. You can decide the time interval between each email in the series.

Then your email autoresponder takes up the baton. It will send out your sequence of emails automatically, on the pre-determined timetable you created, to each email address on your list – without you having to lift a finger!

Therefore, here are the reasons why effective email marketing needs an autoresponder:

autoresponder email marketing
autoresponder email marketing

1. Autoresponders help to create targeted list of subscribers, leads, and clients.

There are millions of blogs and sites on the web and no matter where your site gets visitors from, the chances of them coming back is slim. That is unless you can find a way to remind them to return. Yes, you can invite them back or entice them with an incentive to visit again. That’s where autoresponders, as well as your email marketing strategy, can be of help.

By signing up prospects or leads to your email list, you can reach out to them often – and that channel of communication opens up a lot of possibilities.

2. Autoresponders let you follow up automatically with your list

Relationships take some time to grow, nurture and deepen. The first time is just a brief introduction. From then on, it can lead to something more or not. Autoresponders gives you the opportunity to develop a relationship with your prospects, new leads, and subscribers. This is done automatically, through pre-written and scheduled emails that get sent in a sequence over time.

3. Engaging your audience is possible with autoresponders

Relationships thrive based on continued interaction.

Auto-responders allow you to keep engaging your audience via a series of follow-up messages. If you personalize your email messages correctly, most of your subscribers will not realize that those emails have been pre-written and Queued up a long time ago. It will look as if you are reaching out to them personally and in real-time, engaging them in soul-lifting conversation, and helping them with solutions to their problems

In this way, your set of pre-scheduled messages can grow a budding relationship and fan it to full blown loyalty and trust in you or your brand.

4. Want to win the battle for attention? Use autoresponders!

Everyone uses email or well, almost everyone

Yes, even though we are in an era of short attention spans, everyone reads their email. It may not be as often as before. But still, it’s a lot more frequent than anything else (except maybe phone SMS).

In fact, the primary reason most people log on to the Web is to check their emails. With email autoresponders, you can reach your target audience right where they already have their attention fixed – their email inbox.

5. Autoresponders can help to build your brand

Have you sent an email to an agency or company and received an automated reply in seconds? Most times, such responses are witty, creative and tend to entrench the brand in your mind. Autoresponders help to build brands and serve as you 24-hour salesman.

6. Autoresponders ensure higher delivery rates

When you make use of a professional email autoresponder service, your emails will have a high chance of being delivered straight to your subscribers’ inbox. It will not just get delivered but done promptly, too.

Email delivery is a complicated and convoluted technological process. Autoresponder service providers make sure they operate in compliance with rules and regulations, and the best autoresponders ensure 99% delivery rates. This, of course, is hard to match by any other alternative.

7. Email autoresponders protect you against spam allegations

CAN-SPAM regulations are in effect, and as penalties for unwelcome bulk email marketing continue to grow costlier and harsher, you need to stay on the right side of the law if your plan is to use email marketing to build your brand.

We are in a trigger-happy virtual universe, and any rude person on your list can cause indescribable misery by reporting your email as spam. This spells doom for your business unless you make use of an email autoresponder service. If you do, the systems and policies they follow will kick in to protect you against any unfair accusations.

8. Autoresponders convert casual visitors into loyal subscribers

Your traffic building strategies may funnel visitors from every part of the world to your site. But most of these first-time arrivals won’t come back – even if they enjoyed what they saw.

But you can do something to entice them back to your site, and that is to add them to your email list.

Getting them to subscribe places your foot in the door and gives you the chance to win their trust and attention. Autoresponders allow you to take advantage of this opportunity by nurturing your contacts and growing them to remain loyal to you and your business. Email autoresponders can achieve this automatically via follow-up email marketing communication.

9. Autoresponders enhance the response rates of customers

Your audience may (or may not) respond well to email marketing. But when you strategically send a sequence of marketing emails, you can end up doubling, tripling, or multiplying this response by an even higher figure. Email autoresponders allow you to plan and execute such campaigns effortlessly.

When you deliver valuable content which engages your subscriber’s attention and involves them in various aspects of your business, you will gradually win their trust. When this happens, your prospects will be waiting for your next email eagerly.

That’s how experienced email marketers achieve open email rates of 70% or higher, and click-through rates of 30% on a constant basis.


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