Drip marketing strategy

Drip Marketing

Drip marketing strategy

Sending messages to customers regularly can significantly boost your performance giving you more sales opportunities. Drip marketing strategy is a communication technique that sends automated messages to customers. This strategy mostly take the form of email marketing although it may take other forms such as short message service (sms). The messages are usually pre-written and sent through an automated process that is logically based on the activities of the user. The timing of the messages is determined by a course set in advance and are sent based on the status of the recipient and their specific behavior, this is one of the factor distinguishing it from other database marketing strategies.

Drip marketing strategy

Drip Email Marketing

Email marketing is the major form of drip marketing that is used mostly because it is less expensive especially in sending multiple messages. Another advantage associated with email drip marketing is that they can be personalized easily and they are more timely and targeted. By being more personalized creates a better impression to the recipient making them more effective. This emails are sent out automatically on a pre-determined time frame. The sending of this emails is usually triggered by the actions the client is performing. For example making a purchase triggers an action, say you receive an acknowledgement. As a result drip emails are also called behavioral emails.

Market Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns basically are the automated emails or messages as described above. They are effective in facilitating follower up with your customers, enabling you to stay in touch with your customers based on the already set event triggers such as when they sign up.

Why Drip Marketing Campaign?

Drip marketing strategy will be highly beneficial to your business especially when it is well managed. There are many benefits of this marketing techniques some of them being:

  1. Cost effective- following the automated nature of the drip emails and messages the task force required to make customer follower ups is significantly reduced hence cutting down on cost.
  2. Creates a personal relation with your customers- drip messages can be personalized to suit specific characters and behavior of your customers. This builds a sense of confidence and creates a mutual trust between you and your customers.
  • Timeliness- drip market campaign provides your customers with the right information at the right time. For example when a person signs up to your website they receive a welcome note and an introductory statement on how to navigate in your site. This makes the customers experience enjoyable and he/she would want to come back.

When To Use Drip Marketing

The main objective of drip marketing strategy just like other marketing strategies is to keep your customers and prospects engaged with your product. The following are 5 cases when you can use the drip campaign to ensure the relevant information reaches your targeted client efficiently.

  1. Welcome- after customers subscribe to your site or whenyou acquire clients during marketing campaign a follower up with a drip, welcoming the new client is a brilliant idea. The welcome drip may contain a highlight of the major items and top content your business offers.
  2. Recommendations- interacting with the customer allows you to know their buying habits and their preferences. This helps you predict what they will like and not like, as such you can use the drip messages to recommend new items to them based on their buying habits.
  3. Renewals- in cases of subscriptions drip emails will do great to inform your clients when their subscription will expire. For auto renewals drip emails can be used to inform the clients their subscription has been renewed.
  4. Confirmation- the drip emails will help you confirm orders especially for online transaction. For example when a customer makes an order the auto responders sends them a confirmation message that their order has been received. You can also use this to communicate the progress of the order.

Setting Up a Drip Campaign

To successfully set an effective drip marketing campaign consider the following factors.

1.Who is your target?

Your target group determines the kind of triggers to be used in setting up the drip emails. This involves dividing your customer base into smaller segment so as to allow you to send personalized messages. For example based on subscription time, age, gender and so on.

2. Content of your message.

Understanding your client is one step, now you will have to craft a message that will attract the attention of your targeted group. This will involve crafting a message that your client can relate to and probably trigger an action in your desired direction.

3. What’s your campaign plan?

You will need to plan the logistics of how you will carry out your drip campaign, for example the number of emails to send, ensure your triggers much the message and how to evaluate your success.

4. Start the campaign.

After making all the preparation, it time to implement the strategy.

5. Evaluate.

Just like any other strategy you will have to constantly evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy to check how successful it is and what to adjust depending on your set goals.

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