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Drip Marketing Strategy

Marketing is a key function and among the critical components to the success of an organization. On developing and disseminating a good marketing strategy; traffic will be drawn to your website, followed by the subsequent increase in sales and profitability in your enterprise. The trick is to know what to say to clients and even the prospective clients. How to put it out to the clients; and the most convenient way to go about it. However, with the rise in technological adoption, most marketing is now done online, with among others, drip marketing gaining express appreciation.

 drip marketing

What Is Drip Marketing?

Drip marketing is a new technique in marketing that entails delivery of customized messages to clients when the sender deems it most appropriate. Many times, on logging into your email account, you’ll often pay attention to emails sent from people whom you know, and especially if you were expecting an email while the rest of the unread messages could go unnoticed. However, when you receive a notification upon signing in, or when you initiate a given task, the notification is likely to draw your attention, and you are unlikely to dismiss it. That’s the aim of drip marketing, to draw your attention, so you view the message the sender is about to deliver. It’s an advancement of email marketing; since it offers a customized and personalized delivery time for the various clients.

Drip Campaign

This is the delivery of messages to clients from customized messages, based on specific timelines or initiation of a given task. It enhances the applicability of drip marketing which aims at delivering the right message to clients at the right time.

When It’s Appropriate To Use Drip Marketing

The system or software is automated on when to deliver the messages hence avoiding annoying clients with a lot of messages. Here are a few times you could use drip marketing.

Nurturing Leads

Clients have varying needs, at times they may need a little push for them to purchase or adopt something. A little education or enlightenment on the different products would act to your advantage, and especially if delivered at the most opportune time.


It matters how you welcome your visitors. A cold welcome may send them packing without even a good bye. Customers deserve the same warm treatment you would offer to your visitors. This will enable them to feel valued and appreciated and they will not think twice about purchasing items from your website or even subscribing to your services.


After being in the business for some time and observing the various trends that people use. You need to get to the clients and understand them better. Often you could recommend alternative products or even those who are new to the market. Since you know well their tastes and preferences dropping an email on such insights will be helpful.

Abandoned Shopping Carts

Instances of abandoned shopping carts are common in e-commerce. A client has fully loaded their cart, but on reaching the buy button, they abandon the cart and vanish. Making an effort to understand the client is essential. After that, however, take the time to drop a few insights and give them a reason to press the buy button next time they visit your website.


It can be easy to subscribe to a product in the for instance, but renewing the subscription could invoke a second thought. Take time to see those clients whose subscription is almost expiring or those who have extended their subscriptions. Dropping a drip email, giving them reasons to subscribe to the next issue will be a great strategy.

How to Set Up A Drip Campaign

Identify your audience

The audience will differ based on the products you offer. However understanding their preferences and establishing the appropriate niche will be a great winning point on your side. Knowing them will determine the type of messages you send as well.

Craft the message

Talk directly to the client. The message will influence whether you manage to draw them to your site and make a sale. Moreover, the start of the message could even determine whether the receiver will take the time to read it to the end.

Plan the campaign

Organize your team to minimize disappointments, establish when to send the messages to the different clients, and be sure to know that the systems are working effectively.

Start the campaign

Launch the campaign. You could start with a few clients and see the feedback before establishing a larger audience.

Evaluate and adjust

The beauty of marketing is that you always have the chance to make an adjustment and make better strategies. Therefore, after getting feedback. Appreciate it then the appropriate measure and better still make adjustments where necessary.

Marketing strategies need to be well thought of and planned before being released to the public since they will determine whether you win over the clients or not. How do you like drip marketing?

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