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$100,000 Per Year Blogs by Matt Kapnes, blog educates people around the world.

$100,000 Per Year Blogs by Matt Kapnes, blog educates people around the world.

First of all, I open the issue near you. The idea of human payroll in coming to grips with Internet Marketing is to hopefully mold a large sum of money in a short period of time to raise money to open a Brick & Mortar business. But I’m watching you’re escaping the Cubicle nation as an employee. To return to Cubicle as an employer! for?!

This is because: 1) We may have a Brick & Mortar value because we think it’s a lower risk. 2) We may think that Internet marketing is an intangible and insecure occupation. So there is a higher risk. This idea may be because many people have not yet learned how to think of Internet marketing career in a really business way. And that is qualitative Unlike the Americans, when they left the Cubicle nation, they did not return. Many packs of luggage out of the country do business via the internet from third countries with lower living costs such as Africans, Vietnamese, or even Thailand! Without the thought of creating a self-contained entity, commit yourself to that.

Today I would like to take this opportunity to get to know so many well-known bloggers, both as an interviewer and as a content contributor, such as The New York Times, CNN, Life Hacker, BBC, Lonely Planet, Yahoo Finance, Huffington Post. , TIME, National Geographic, etc. (see blogger is famous) Matt Kapnes, a blogger travel blog entitled

Matt Kapnes

Matt Kapnes, Travel Blogger own retirement at the age of 25 years.

Many people may think that they have been doing Internet marketing since they were very old and how successful they were and how quickly they retired. The answer is no He was middle class, not rich and did not have extra income before. A regular employee works on average 50 hours a week, but he is bored and uncomfortable with his job at the age of 23 years. (2004) Americans are entitled to two weeks of vacation each year. He collects money and goes on a two-week cruise. first time That year in Costa Rica After returning, he found that living in a rectangular frame was not. Life should not be like this. But he did not have the wisdom to find a way out for himself unless he continued working. Until 2005, he came to Thailand and met with a backpacker-style tourist group in Chiang Mai. They talked and found that the backpackers were young but goodbye. Out of routine and travel around the world is a major career for years. Without going home!

Matt is interested in the backpacker’s way of life, so he starts talking and studying the way of life across the water without working regularly. One of the ways of earning money is to travel through the Internet.

Upon returning to America. He decided to quit his job. He spent six months preparing to clear his savings, education, studies and MBA studies. In July 2006, Matt, 25, quit his job and traveled to the world for 18 months!

The country where Matt Kapnes visited 7 years.

Matt Kapnes has traveled to less than 70 countries, with some years traveling to 20 countries in a single year! He also learned simple languages ​​in many languages, including simple Thai sentences. The main countries that are believed to have lived and lived well enough to know the culture and life in that country are:

7. Brazil
13.Cook IslandsCosta Rica
17.El Salvador
21.French Polynesia
29. Jamaica
32.The Maldives
34.New Zealand
35.The Netherlands
36. Nicaragua
41.Saint John’s
42.Saint Lucia
44.The Seychelles
51.United States

High Quality Content in Matt Kapnes Blog

Within the blog Filled with useful content for people who love to travel. There are both inspiring articles such as Success Story for those who are hesitant to go. Going to be still How do you do and How-to articles for the application of life in various countries. Then life-hacking article is to live to be effective. take care of your health There are also one-stop guide lines for each country. The 53 countries listed above are very well organized.

Matt Kapnes Money Making Guidelines

Matt was not a millionaire, and even getting into Internet marketing did not make him an overnight millionaire. But it makes him a career and income throughout the travel, in addition to living economically throughout the tour, every possible way, not least to choose the withdrawal method to pay the least fee!

Blog His intention was to deliver content that would be of benefit to those wishing to study tourism. So forget about SEO and Keyword research. He writes contents in his own style is very original and authority, with organic follower or followers from media such as Backlink nature, from Guest post, from the interview. And from telling Without search traffic alone.

Matt started blogging with Passion to share high quality world-class travel. At first, there was not a lot of income, and cash was spent on savings and money selling heavy assets, including cars, for the first year. His first-year experience has been spent on a variety of money-saving techniques, such as applying for a credit card with an Airline bonus, using a credit card with a Frequent Flyer, selecting a deposit, choosing a deposit method. Give high interest And low-fee cash withdrawal, etc.

Until his blog has become more and more popular. He began to be contacted by the Private advertiser to advertise. And he’s expanded to Google AdSense and affiliate program, which is not obvious to the prominent.

A. Travel affiliate
B. Credit card affiliate
C. Insurance affiliate
D. TEFL Course affiliate (also available)
E. And affiliate forever well familiar Amazon affiliate products for travelers such as bags, books, CDs / DVDs.

See the splendor of an affiliate page that combines his high quality content right here. This is how to promote products with quality, no spin, no spam. The brand owner likes to read people like

As the popularity of the blog increased, he began contacting the various agencies to offer Press Trips, which greatly reduced the cost!

What is Short Press Trips?

Press Trips is a joint project between Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO’s), Tourism Board, and private entities (transportation, hotels, restaurants, stores, etc.). Go share on blogs targeted for that country. Or that city. Promote their attractions to the world through a blog with high authority. At the same time, Blogger has also saved money from being invited to press Trips.

Break Even Point on Matt Kapnes

“Knowledge building experience, knowledge building, Authority content, and Authority content create Information product!”

Matt has an independent product blog, which he created himself in his travel experience and blogging. The product is in e-book format and e-book with video interview.

A. Learn How to Easily Build Your Own Travel Blog for $9.99 (

B. Turn Your Blog into a Money Generating Machine for $27- $147 (

C. How to Start Teaching English Overseas $ 19 ( to travel the world by matt Kapnes

D. How to Travel the World on $50 a Day on Paperback and Kindle E-book is a new writing that came out in February 2013. It can sell 1,500 copies in the first week and within 2. The month he sold more than 5,000 copies (not including the paper back and Kindle), which would be worth less than $50,000.

Matt Kapnes Average Income

Matt has become a travel blogger and Internet Marketer full of people with knowledge of SEO and Keyword research, although not officially announced today that he has a few web pages. But the second web of his name.

Matt revealed his earnings through an interview for a Web site for the first time in 2009 that he had earned a total of about one web site total. $7,000- $7,500 Per month by web As the main spearhead in making money by this web, only one web site generates revenue of up to $3,000 per month at that time. Of course, it does not include the income from the information product he has today, including the million books he launched in early 2013, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, so I guess if Combined with the new product in 2013, his average earnings should be over. $9,000- $10,000 per month (I think plus from the recent interview in 2012, “This Guy Makes $ 100K Annually …” by

What would you like to be an Internet Marketer for?

For me, I want to be an Internet marketer in order to be free in life. I do not want to be in the four frame of every establishment. “Whether as an employee or as an employer,” I wanted to get out of the urban circuit. I want to go out and find life experiences and have time for the people I love. And at the same time, it benefits the society from content that provides knowledge from my work experience.

I see the image in the same way as the Internet marketer and blogger in a foreign country where they work, this is the main career steadily. Just the way and the way to do it is to have a consistent infrastructure that benefits others and is of sufficient quality.


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