SalesForce drip campaign

Best way to create a SalesForce drip campaign

A drip campaign is a method used in direct marketing to generate leads by sending relevant and product related information to the potential customers repeatedly over a long period of time.

SalesForce drip campaign


SalesForce is a US based cloud computing firm committed to provide digital CRM platform to sell the services by using drip marketing strategies.

Customer turn offs

Often times a company is tempted to overwhelm a customer with loads of information, stuffing them with product related content, white papers that address their needs, webinars and offers to lure them into buying the product. However, doing so without a well thought out approach and methodology will only drive the customers away.

So what shall be done to present content in an organized and coercive manner without overwhelming the potential clients?

The solution is to use a salesforce drip campaign.

By using a salesforce drip campaign you are dripping the information drop by drop in a subtle way to make the client make up their mind for buying the product or services you are offering. So, instead of flooding them with a pool of information you may use the outbound email system to enhance the results.

Formulating a plan:

First you need to keep following things in mind while creating a simple yet effective SalesForce Drip campaign:

  • Classify and generate the lists of contacts in salesforce and for creating an automatic campaign, export the lists to Drip.
  • Drip will then manage the unsubscribed lists and spammed lists to comply with the spam act.
  • Manage the lists as and when required, for instance if a person is in the presales list, they become a customer by applying for the product and a regular client after purchasing the product frequently. So there should be separate lists for each category that shall be managed accordingly.
  • To analyze ROI and enhance the performance, establish a flow of statistics from drip to salesforce.

Establishing a work flow:

After successful formulation of the plan, you need to establish a time-based workflow for a salesforce drip campaign:

  • On a lead page for drip campaign, add a checkbox named “send drip emails” and automate it. A workflow will analyze and check the box automatically after processing the emails.
  • Add another checkbox to check whether the previous ‘’send emails box’’ is checked or not at regular intervals. This will boost the process.
  • After creating the workflow rules of your choice, set a standard filter to match certain conditions according to the rules and send the emails.
  • You can set up a standard time interval for your workflow campaign i.e. 2 days after lead creation or a week or month after lead creation.
  • If you have not created an email template already, go to the administration setup; choose email templates from the communication templates option in the dropdown menu.
  • Create the required number of emails to send out
  • Under each time interval in the workflow rules section; add the succession of email templates in the sequence you want to send.

Now, your workflow has been established, Just activate it and there you go!

Tips for creating a best salesforce drip campaign:

  1. It should be data oriented

Your drip campaign should revolve around a certain goal. All the emails, the timings and material should be product oriented. Do not add extra or irrelevant events or information. Keep your campaign short, brief and relevant.

  • Send emails at a specific time or occasion to increase the click rate.
  • Call for action by convincing the readers to click on the landing pages of product and not just read the mail.
  • Useful and motivational content will attract more readers as compared to the boring, routine official letters. 
  1. Target the Audience specifically

As mentioned earlier, send emails by making a list of specific audience. Target the audience according to their needs. For instance, the loyal and regular customers won’t need to know about the products that already exist. They might be more interested in knowing about the new features and upgrade of the same product. While, the new customers will not understand the in-depth characteristics of your product; so they might need an introduction and overview of the products first.

  1. Do not send random mails

The content of the emails will not motivate or persuade the readers no matter how well it is written; if the emails are sent without careful consideration. Therefore, send the emails strategically with proper formatting and pre-planning.

  1. Enhance the content

By content I do not mean only the written content, but also the images, graphics and style of presentation as well. In modern era the technology has advanced and by making a better use of computational tools you can make the layout of your emails more attractive. Add social media links to the retail pages and promotional videos of the product.

Make the campaign a fun activity for yourself. Bring innovation to it by getting creative ideas and pouring sincere effort. You will definitely get the best results.

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