Drip campaign tools

The Best of the Best Drip Campaign Tools

The Best of the Best Drip Campaign Tools

Drip campaign tools represent the various campaign modules you use to create campaigns that actually convert. There is a wide range of tools you can employ with each bringing in its own benefit to you and your team. A drip campaign involves sending pre-written emails to people over a period of time. To send these emails, then you need specific tools, designed for the job.

The mere thought of sending individual emails is hectic and well, it is time consuming. The various campaign tools are meant to make work easier by sending the emails automatically to those who are on the receiving end. Needless say, they are convenient.

Drip campaign tools

How to choose the best tool for your campaign

There are major factors that you should consider before putting any drip campaign tools to the test. It wouldn’t really matter if it meant practically using each and every tool until you find the best, but what does is getting the right one to send your email. Here are the few things you should consider:

Finding the perfect tool; the number of advanced tool that you can put into use are plenty and each work differently and offers different benefits. However, one thing remains constant, they automatically send your series of email to each individual at the right time. So what is the perfect drip campaign tool to use? As a startup tool, something simple that you can primarily use until you understand the basics and with time upgrade to the advanced tools. On the other hand, if you have experienced various tools but none has met your qualifications, maybe available tools aren’t your thing and you should venture into the next tool I will discuss.

Building your own drip as an alternative;this is meant to cater for those that are looking for something unique and specific in the drip tool. In this digital arena we are in, anything and everything is doable by anyone. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with the procedures needed to come up with your own drip and soon you can put it into use and enjoy sending emails in the shortest time possible. The ideal thing with this kind of tool is that you have the freedom of customizing it to your needs and you get to include all the features that interest you and you feel will be good for your product.

Automating the drip emails;once you have landed yourself a drip tool that is ready to be put to work, don’t hold back. Automating your drip emails offers you versatility to put anything to the test and you don’t have to automate your emails alone. Tune your tool to do more than emails and customize it as much as possible to meet your needs as well as those of your recipients. Since the aim here is to lure leads into sales, then you need to pour out everything you got and let the rewards accumulate as your business blooms.

Monitoring your drip tool;as much as the work your drip campaign tool is doing for you is marvelous and everything seems good. There is no limit to the sky and perfection. Find the ways and means to improve your drip and continue to offer great services to your customers. The digital world is dynamic and you need to move as it moves to ensure that you are not kicked out of the game, before it’s even over.

The benefits of the best drip campaign tools

High traffic; using the best campaign tool in the market enhances the numbers of leads that will be paying you a visit through your inbox.

More conversions; once you have high levels of traffic, then the chance of most of the leads converting into prospects is very high. However, this is enhanced by other factors that liken the hearts of the leads to your product.

Increased sales; the higher the conversion rate, the higher the sales. It is direct proportional theory where customers and sales move in the same direction.

Increased productivity; when everything is on an uphill, then productivity will also increase. You will have large numbers to satisfy which means work will also be in plenty.

High return on investment; for every sale you make, it counts towards the earnings of the day. Since sales are high, it makes it worth every minute and dime you spent in ensuring that you got the best campaign tool for the job.


The best tool for your drip campaign doesn’t necessarily have to be at the top of the list. It is that one that will offer you the features you are looking for and helps you in meeting your requirements and servicing your customers accordingly. There is a wide variety of tools out there for everyone with their own benefits but what matters at the end of the day is having happy customers and gaining value for your products.

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