Nurture campaigns

The Basics of Nurture Campaigns


Nurture campaigns is one of the widely used methods to acquiring leads. It is a simple strategy most marketers have adopted to build up their content in preparation for when they will be ready for sales. Since in most scenarios most leads do not convert to sales, it is vital that various measures are implemented to increase the rate of conversion. Content is key to attracting as many leads as possible, therefore, with these campaigns, you can smoothly enhance the traffic and increase the chances of high sales when the time is optimal.

Nurture campaigns

The different types of nurture campaigns

There is a wide variety of nurture campaigns you can include in your project of increasing conversions.  There are particular things leads are usually looking for and if you can apply them, then leads will be the least of your worries. Improving the conversion rate of leads to sales works on the basis of cementing a relationship between two parties. Therefore, in everything you put in place, ensure that at the back of your mind, you have a purpose to fulfil and see to it that every one of them is integrated as it should. The different types of campaigns that are worth a shot include:

  • Blog posts; this is the ground for leads. Enhance your content by using various blog posts and use as many links as possible.
  • Free demo; this is basically a short video offering guidance to the leads on what is required of them. As much as content is key, a demo helps in enhancing the contents message in a simplified manner
  • Analyst report; it is a sign of legitimacy which is what everyone is looking for out there. Something realistic and true.
  • Case study; people like things that relate to them in real life. Therefore it is crucial to add something that they can refer to from time to time.
  • Coupons; leads need a directive piece that they can fill in their information if interested. This increases the rate of potential sales, which is exactly what you are looking for.
  • eBooks; they are essential for extensive reading of materials offline. It is therefore you include at least one where someone can go through the material at their own pace and freedom.
  • Free trial; give your leads the freedom to try out your services free of charge and let them judge if they are into what you are offering or not.
  • Video:provide as many videos as possible that are in alignment to what your services contain and their purpose in the life of your leads.

Method of application

To make nurture campaigns work. You need to customize as much and make your content about the leads. Let them feel that what you are trying to put across is meant for them and how it will benefit them. Without further ado, here are a few means on how to apply the campaigns and the right time to do so;

  • Have a good welcome homepage;it is the first thing that catches the attention of the leads and gives them the desire to scroll down and read your page content. To make sure you don’t fail on this, provide high quality content.
  • Strategize your marketing campaigns; prospect leads don’t become sales overnight. It requires loads of marketing campaigns using different techniques to help boost the conversion. Therefore, make good use of social media, incorporate as many videos on your webpage and landing pages as well.
  • Stay connected with leads; the leads want to be assertive that you are not an alien and you are a human being. Nurturing campaigns help keep you and your prospect customers in touch and enhance communication from both ends. This helps keep track of the time from when a person was in lead stage to when they convert into a customer.
  • Customer lifecycle; so what’s next after you have convinced a lead into being a customer? Staying connected with your leads is only the beginning of customer lifecycle and it never ends until the prospect is no longer interested. However, you should never let that happen so you should make sure that your customers are well catered for and at no point want to change their mind about your product and services.


Once you have put all your energy and sweat into attracting as many conversion as possible, it is time for the real business to commence and have a taste of your sweet success. The major things to concentrate on are;

  • Getting the most value from your customers. This is through sales and optimizing every opportunity that presents itself.
  • Keep track of the return of investment that you receive from your sales and keep records. This helps you know the progress of your sales and in case of fluctuations, you can implement the right measure to enhance continued productivity.
  • Finally, don’t stop there. Keep attracting as many prospect sales as possible by refreshing the different campaign strategies as often as possible.

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