Triggered Email Marketing

8 Types of Triggered Emails you can Use

8 Types of Triggered Emails you can Use

Are you using triggered emails in your organization? If not, you are missing out on convenience and reliable information technology. Are you looking for an easier way to send notifications and emails to your customers or prospects? Triggered Email Marketing ensures that you can achieve speed and effective message delivery. To fully understand the concepts of this technology, have a look at the following 8 types of Triggered Emails you can use.

Triggered Email Marketing

1. Welcome Triggered Emails

Successful email marketing has to have a successful introduction. You are able to achieve this if you use Welcome Triggers. The aim of this is to properly introduce your organization’s goods or service to the customer. It’s always important to build trust in the initial stages of the relationship. The welcome triggers usually come into effect each time a new customer signs up for an account or article subscription.

The trigger aims at fully engaging the customer to the brand details. The customer is also able to gauge if the brand will serve the purpose. It’s important that when designing Welcome Email Triggers that you be friendly and interactive. The customer need to feel acceptable and welcomed.

2. Early Activation Triggers

These triggers aim at encouraging inactive members on the importance of activating their membership. They are sent to convince them why they should subscribe to your service. You need to appeal to them on the benefits attached if they subscribe to the brand. It’s important that you seize any opportunity of making sales.

The Trigger Emails automatically help you to do so. All you need is to identify the prospect and decide on the approach. With early activation emails, the customer gets enough time to fully decide on the options you provide.

3. Reactivation Email Triggers

This is for registered subscribers who haven’t had the opportunity to click on the link or make a purchase. You should not let an active subscriber slip away.

You need to reengage them more openly so that they become prospective leads. At times, the customer is busy or not interested after the first trigger.

You need to send effective response approach to such situation. The Trigger Email Marketing campaign has to be consistent. You have to be determined and not give up easily, just because the customer has despaired or appears uninterested. If you send the send the reactivation email, the chances of good response and reactivation is high.

4. Account Notification Triggers

This Trigger Email is very important to the customer as they get notified of changes on their accounts. Such changes may be related to their password, profile or email.

Security is very important to the customer. For this reason, the customer has to be informed of any security threat or account changes. If the customer decides to update their password or change their profile detail, the account Trigger is initiated and they get notified of what’s happening.

5. Purchase Notification

This is a transactional trigger that notifies the buyer of purchase made and confirmation of the same. It’s important that the customer after initiating a purchase command gets to verify the purchase. In so doing, impulse or irrational purchases can be avoided. The customer also gets to know how much they spend. The notification also acts as proof of purchase.

6. Personal Event Triggers

Triggered Email Marketing also appreciates special personal events. Such events include birthdays and anniversaries. The triggers are usually automatic and you get notified once the date reaches. Birthdays and anniversaries are important and thus no one wants to forget them.

How do you feel if you get unexpected birthday notification? It must be a good feeling.  With a lot of things in mind, it’s possible to forget such dates and thus need for the Personal Event Trigger.

7. Onboard Triggers

Are you running an online store? It’s vital to “push” your new customers and prospects to quickly set up their accounts so that they can effectively get into business. The trigger is a soft way of pushing for sales by sweet talking the already active subscribers. Your online store has to focus on getting as many prospects as possible onboard. If you mange to achieve this, you get to boost the sales leads.

8. Milestone Triggers

These are messages aimed at appreciating customers who have reached particular brand milestones. Triggered Email Marketing campaign cannot be complete without the milestone triggers. The email helps help to recognise important milestones reached by the client and thus motivating them.


The discussed eight Triggered Emails offers you important information on how you can effectively design your Drip Email to achieve the best correspondence. It’s important that your form of messaging is friendly, quick and relevant. Employ the above eight triggers and enjoy the convenience of fast message flow.

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