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7 tips from senior millionaire If you want to start your own business by Robert Herjavec

Robert Herjavec millionaires The position of their own. Croatian and Canadian descent Has provided advice for new entrepreneurs. Who are starting a business Survive and succeed in the long run. That is to say, from successful business statistics, only 10 percent have the chance to succeed. These seven will give your business the chance to succeed. up

Robert Herjavec

1. Believe in your business and believe in yourself.

When you have an idea to start a business. People are always on the verge of breaking down, whether it’s “It can not be true”. “It’s not possible.” “That idea is crazy,” he said. With your business idea, one thing you have to hold fast is “Confidence” is the confidence of your own business. That it is possible It can help and solve problems for people to have a better quality of life. And the key is. “You have to believe in yourself” because even if you do not believe in your business. Then who will believe?

Remember, during your startup There are so many people who offer this advice. But they did not know that. At the time of our establishment. What has to happen to survive the business to this day? Those words are not worth much. Because the most valuable thing is to “do it”.

2. Test your business before jumping in.

Getting Started You have to prove that before. Do people really buy your products or services? Do not ask from your parents, your friends, your friends, your friends, or even your beauty salons. Will they buy from you? Because of course If you go ask them them. You will get a good sentence that is interesting to buy, of course, just because he wants you to feel good at that time.

What you have to do is Call or contact someone you did not know personally. But it’s the same people who spend the same industry on your business. Then ask to see that. What do they usually buy? For example If you do business with sports equipment. You ask the people who usually shop at the sportswear regularly that they usually buy something.

3. Do not believe just floating words.

No matter what you hear when you are starting a business or just starting out for a while. Everything you hear Everything you hear Do not believe in it immediately. But prove that Are those words true? For example Your followers say Today, there are orders from customers to set up 50 orders (usually in 20 orders). Suddenly, you may also include you are glad that. Sales increase doubled. And what you will have to do. Not a hasty news. But call the customer himself. Has ordered to come in really or not if you actually order to ask the customer to do that. What time do I pay for the goods and ask the next time to call. The customer has actually paid or when you can be sure. You get the money from those orders, not just the claims made by others. Just because you want to show your work to you.

4. Be prepared to deal with any situation.

Many people see that just starting to do business is difficult. Because I decided to start my first business, the age is 30 to 40 years. But guarantee that. During your business You will face a lot of hard work and problems. Much more than you ever imagined. And when you think you’ve reached the bottom. It can also be worse than that, believe me, because most successful business people are all over the crisis.

So what you can do now is Think of it in advance. If the worst case scenario is with your business? How do you fix those problems?

5. the end of the fisheries era Is this the age of fast fish to beat the slow fish?

As you start your own business and become a new face in the industry, what you need to outrank your competitors is the market. “Fast” because the big companies Although there are ample resources. But it moves slowly. Than decide to do something. It has to go through several steps than to approve. But while your company is small and can make decisions in a timely fashion. It will make your business stand out.

You learn from your customers. What do they want And what your competitors are not able to answer those customers well enough? You can use the space there. Make it better than your competitors.

But do not forget that Although the elephant can not chase the little rats that are running. But when I did not run and stood When the elephant can stomp the little mouse to flat in the blink of an eye.

6. Do not stop at

It does not matter. How much will your business make today? How good Or happy at the present, but do not forget that. Your competitor does not think so. Because while you are celebrating and enjoying a certain level of success. You may think that this does not need anything more than this. But do not forget that Business is competition. Whenever you stop development Stop with It is equal to that. You have already stepped back into the canal. Because your competitors They are hijacking and whenever they follow you, then you are not the only secondary. But that could mean Business is ruined at all.

7. Success depends on how you use it.

If business is like a game. To play this game, in the end, you want to be the winner. So it depends on how you use to get you to the goal. No matter how hard to work hard. Enjoy what you do. A good man is morally Play a game of fair and big dreams because you have a chance to be born. To dream big dreams big You have the same life time, so big dreams come true. Then take action to grab it.

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