drip campaign ideas

7 Drip Campaign Ideas That Will Boost Your Bottomline

For profitable domestic business marketing technique today, it is a good idea to come up with the best type of drip campaign ideas for your business. What is a drip campaign? It is a marketing tool that involves the use of software in marketing campaign. The objective is to increase sales through constantly keeping in touch with customers. When a visitor comes to your website it is an ideal marketing strategy that you convert them into a subscriber so that you can have constant assess to them through email marketing. How would you do that? What kind of automation can you adopt to make your marketing campaign a success? Also, what email ideas should you adopt?

drip campaign ideas

Why drip campaign?

Drip campaign is a kind of marketing technique that is excellent for promoting product and services with an extended selling sequence, but you may also utilize it for cross-selling and upsell to develop client’s devotion – regardless of what type of industry your product or service served. Below are some of the ideas to keep up in pursuing the best and effective drip campaign ideas.

  • Cover the primary things first:

If you want to set up a campaign, the first thing you should do is to ensure that you set up the basic first by recognizing success metrics and designing the objectives of your campaign. Also, get to have formal and even informal knowledge of your prospect and customers before writing the messages. You should also know the type of search term they utilized in finding your website or blog. Did they download anything? Which page on your websites did they visit, and so on? You should have a persona designed for this type of segment, do you? Find out who they are and the campaign they are likely to respond to. Divide your lists by geography, interests, responsibility – several aspect or mixture of the factors that are relevant t your business type – then drip out offers and contents they’ll love.

  • Connect multiple channels for your campaign:

You can take up many channels to link to different campaigns. Many people usually link drip marketing to email marketing, and although it is not a wrong thoughts that marketing via email is very effective, you don’t have to depend on it as a sole way to connect with subscribers. Think about adopting other methods like text messages, social media posts, whatsapp messages, post cards, printed newsletters, brochures, etc.

  • Grow and take care of leads to get them ready for sales:

You can also focus on nurturing leads to get them ready for orders. This involve sending messages to them using marketing skills like communication aptitudes and others to capture their interest, intimate them about your offers and your company, and so on. The aim here should be to make your subscribers buyers and beyond that loyal clients. Every establishment that desires sustainability must focus on making their customers loyal to them. This can be achieved by delivering progressive set of broadcasts as the prospects comes through the sales funnel. The developed leads will be ready to buy with in-depth insight and knowledge of your offers.

  • Remember to close deals too:

A great avenue to deliver your offers into the hands of your would be buyers and make them loyal is free trials. On the other hand, they may not work as expected, and should this be the case, they can estrange your clients too. The best drip campaign ideas are the one that involves sending message series that contains tips, how-to webinars, best practices, upcoming events, discounts, etc.

Provide them with the chance to connect with an online forum or community or tell others about their experiences.

  • Intimate them more about your offers:

You can bring your would be customers into the fold by taking the chance to offer useful information recurrently. An order should bring about a thank you email, and right after that on-going sequence of broadcast should follow suit. The on-going series of emails should contains text asking them to give customer review, watch some sequence of informative videos, grab the benefit of cross-sell and upsell marketing to enable them achieve the best from their purchases.

  • Post-buying ideas:

Maintain the order or purchase cycle by using drip campaign ideas. Many offers like appliances, cars, phones, and PC are swapped frequently. Faithful customers that are kept connected and provided constant information about offers and products are additionally expected to buy from you over and over again.

  • Re-connect dormant customers and prospect:

Maintain those dormant customers that did not respond to your campaigns as well as those that actually placed orders. The drip campaign help to keep them warm through providing relevant messages updating them about you, your products, new offers, and so on; also the campaign to cross sell similar services and products or upsell your prospects to more improved products. You can also ask your prospectsand customers alike to recommend your venture to their colleagues and friends.

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