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5 Digital Impact changed the business world after 2018 (started today)

Online marketing and eCommerce are minor activities that have been practiced for decades for up to three to four years. And private organizations are starting to become more active and online. It will begin to see the gradual development of the online marketing department within the organization, by some companies, the demand for online marketing in the labor market, the availability of online marketing courses designed specifically for the organization, and so on.

From the day that private interest began to this day. Large private companies doing retail business have stepped into online marketing and eCommerce.

That is, any entrepreneur can not enter the digital world today. Because both partners and customers are on it. And for those who just came. 5 Digital Impact changed the business world after 2018 (started today) to help you make easier decisions.

Digital Impact

1. Recruiting partners and products To start a new business

Several decades ago Starting a new business is not as cheap and fast as it is today, where you can get access to Google and quickly find a supplier. You can check the prices, check the reliability of the seller before making a decision. Or in summary Today everyone who has the Internet has the potential to have almost equal access to the source of information.

In case you want to import goods from China, there is a world-class Wholesales Marketplace site like Alibaba that you rarely visit. Shopping suppliers – or another hot, quiet, but hot business approach: Businesses make their own brand of cosmetics and cosmetics. One-Stop production plant since the formula for registration, production and perhaps delivery system! Entrepreneurs have a marketing front and close online sales. This is the beginning.

2. Access ‘buyers’ and ‘sellers’ through digital marketing and e-commerce.

Out of the first, retailers and retailers Both parties find each other easier because the Internet has channels and access methods. target group (As a seller) and looking products. (In case of a buyer) Main …

E-Commerce Stand-Alone

It is a direct selling web site owned by the web owner of the product. There is a shopping cart system connected to the payment gateway (Payment Gateway) that accept credit card. The way to market to this site is Search Engine Optimization or SEO, Search Engine Marketing or SEM, Social Media Marketing, Digital PR or purchase of media through the news site, etc.

E-Commerce Marketplace

It’s a central platform that lets people post items like Lazada, 11th Street, Kaidee in foreign countries such as Amazon, Ebay etc. The advantage is that you do not have to create and install all your own systems like the first. Because these sites have the system ready for you. On the other hand, the website platform is constantly marketing, getting to know and getting traffic to many websites per day. These products are sold to these websites. The owner of the product is also marketing the product separately. The same way E-Commerce Stand-Alone.

Online Advertising

You can make your target audience aware and find you through online advertising. There are a number of key ways, Search Engine Optimization or SEO, Search Engine Marketing, or SEM. Social Media Marketing is the Facebook Business Page and Facebook Ads.

In addition, there is a way to do Digital PR to buy news media through various news sites as well as the Influencer with their own media such as Blogger, Youtuber PR – These are the main ways from a variety of different and diverse ways. To make an online advertisement

3. Reduce store costs. Move budget to system development And digital marketing

In the case of traditional retailers seeking to expand access to new areas, the only way to do this is by expanding the field. And hiring all positions in every branch that opens. Included is enormous money. But the online case is not like that.

Because online businesses can have a single main office. Market and sell products through the Internet and send goods to recipients from all over the country. When is this The entrepreneur can take the budget to build a storefront to invest in important e-commerce systems, such as website and back home. Change from making a beautiful storefront to a beautiful website, easy to use, fast loading, convenient shopping cart system and easy to use. These are good buying experiences for customers.

Do content marketing

Content marketing is the production of content that is useful to the target audience, such as articles, photos or videos, and uses the media to disseminate content to create awareness and appeal to the brand. It is a good idea for brands to take advantage of the media space they are eligible to market to, as well as post sales. Because it is one of the long-term relationship building with target audiences and clients.

Buy online ads

Online advertising as mentioned in item 2) of this article – Not a few people understand that online marketing does not require a lot of money or less, which is not quite true. Because if you expand your reach a lot and wide. You need to buy ads through many channels such as Facebook Ad, Google AdWord and PR Media. These are used for money and when combined, it is worth several hundred thousand. To the million baht per month Depends on your business size. But overall, it’s cheaper than traditional ads such as television and print.

Make a Lead Generation System and Email Marketing

For the minor may not be familiar with these two things. But major companies that focus on online marketing are all marketing this way. Especially in foreign countries, it is solid.

This strategy is based on the idea that ‘Traffic is worth not letting go’. People who visit your site. If he came in and went out. Opportunity to come back again will be much less. In particular, it is because of seeing ads. So, in order to prevent traffic from being lost, Lead Generation system is used. This is a tool to collect the list and contact method of the Visitor, and after that, the brand will be able to send emails to promote and sell products at any time.

From verses 1-3 …

It is the activity of internet technology and online marketing has come into play a business role. It has been around for a long time, especially in America. It was introduced. By the future, entrepreneurs who specialize in the application of online tools will be more advantageous.

4. Emerging new careers related to digital and technology.

Digital impact creates a lot of new opportunities, if you tell them here, they will remember and not tell the story, but the main topics that have been talked about a lot in the past year.


It is an intelligent program that can communicate with simple messages. Used in conversation with people who come to inquire goods and services through the seller’s message box. Whether through Facebook, Line, etc., is used in the same way as the telephone answering system, but Chatbot is smarter. Respond faster More flexible And in the future will be even more intelligent.

Fulfillment center

It is a warehouse that has deposited packs and shipped goods to people doing ecommerce for a long time as well.

Digital marketing specialist

Over the past 2-3 years, the labor market has demand for people working in the position of online marketers in various capacities, such as SEO, Social Media, Website, Application, etc.

In addition to the market still lack of people. (This is really a job.) The salary of this person is not quite a job.

On-demand-service application

Previous technology has focused on software-as-a-service applications, but in the last few years On-demand-service app. Or App. Run a variety of services in the US, such as shopping services, hairdresser services, laundry services, wine delivery services, etc.

5. New behaviors and financial products.

Currently, Sweden has been mentioned as one of the countries that are predicted. It is entering the Cashless Society, the first in the world, to spend 89% of its digital assets in the country and 96% of its population has a debit card. From the information above. Clearly shows that The spending habits of people in the country will have to change very much. The people themselves Including banks must adapt to meet the changes that occur. Read more about the Cashless Society here.

Such behavior is expanding throughout the world. Each country will adjust its financial business behavior widely at a slower rate, not equal. Of course, the branch of the bank will continue to be smaller and less branch staff. But it is going to develop more online banking system.


It is a business that generates and sells financial products that are linked to technology and the online world, such as the Payment Gateway Omise or refinance refinance service that connects to bank loan information and retrieves. A deal that suits the terms of interest to present and make transactions through the system without having to contact the bank itself.

Block Chain & Digital Currency

Another financial technology that is being discussed is the Block Chain, a technology for financial transactions without intermediaries. Even payment gateways are considered intermediaries and another is Crytocurrency. Or digital money like Bitcoin


These are the 5 Digital Impact transforming the business world after 2018 (which began today), some of which have been going on for decades, but have grown tremendously over the last few years, while some are very new. But it has started to do it. And there are opportunities to be widely used in the next 2-3 years, such as Crytocurrency, etc. These are the changes that operators must keep an eye on and adjust to catch up to be able to compete effectively.

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