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4 SEO strategies and techniques That Writers Must Know! Write an article to become a legend on Google.

We are glad to see a good writer. Focus on writing Unfortunately, many I do not think about Search Engine Optimization because it seems to be marketing. But if it is a Content Writer or an article writer. The piece must be on the website just read “read” is not enough to both “read and find it easily” with.

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What is SEO related to writers like us?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It means that content is easily indexed through search engines like Google (including others, but let’s focus on Google). Simply put, it’s a great place to start. Which if found easily. It’s like getting traffic for free, without having to waste a lot of money promoting something.

Content with good Search Engine Optimization needs to start with the writer as a helping person. Seeing as a marketer is not alone, so SEO is one of the things you have to learn. If you want to be a professional writer. To work on online writers. Imagine if the work was written. Can be ranked Google search and see again. Would it be so proud of me?

This article focuses on On-page SEO. To know more about Off-page SEO (to do SEO off the site itself) to continue reading our other articles.

Then the writer like us. What should i do To help the writers have a good SEO?

Summed up as 4 simple checklist.

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1. Every article must have a keyword.

Keyword is the key word or phrase we want people to see us. Serve time with this phrase.

When before time is written. I just thought of the storyline story and the story is then finished, but as soon as I write online, it is different because I have to think. What are we writing here? What kind of people will he come to see? What is he going to look for?

Take a look at the keyword selection.

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  •  Write what you want to present.

Mostly simple. Write about It’s like a keyword, like we used to write a novel online platform called Fictionlog. Our keyword is the name Fictionlog, or if it is a phrase. For us, the phrase “Fictionlog model” is the main phrase because we’re writing an article explaining this. The secondary phrase is “What is Fictionlog?”

The point is, because we wrote as a startup media, we wanted to get the name of the Startup server and find the name of our media. That is why we chose the keyword Fictionlog inside.

  • Think in user corner. People interested in this article. What would be interesting

But if we have to write articles as a web Fictionlog itself to promote people to use. We will only have articles whose keyword name is not their own. Now the keywords that we should use is the type. “Read online novels,” “Want to be a novelist,” etc., because we want people to Serve with these phrases meet us.

  • Keyword research (Advanced)

Examples of “reading novels online”, “wanting to be a novelist” are examples that come to mind. But if you want to analyze seriously, you can do keyword research like Google keyword planner tool. Try to test the phrase that will work. It will tell you the volume of the keyword. Including the amount of competition for that keyword (which is good for viewing for advertising). It is used to find similar phrases.

How to use the basic is to go to the web site under the link provided to Google Adwords application, then enter the keyword into the field Your product or service.

If you ask us personally. We have not reached this stage much. As a writer The advice we want is: “Think about keywords. I do not think so It’s not that much to think that the work out is not good “enough to know the tools, perhaps it is too harsh to think too much.

But if interested in the details. We will present again. Because there will be a full topic SEO. (This article is written in the corner Blogging or writing more articles.)

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2. Placed in five strategic locations.

Google places importance on the individual content is not equal if you want to tell Google that this is a key phrase. Put in the following five key points.

• Title or article title.

• URL link name of the article. (Also called Slug) If your keyword is English, then no problem, but if it is in Thai. You may have to choose between not to put it down to use it. The disadvantage is that the URL is not pretty and may be.

• Description or description of the article.
Which by default means the first paragraph. But we can modify the description itself as well. If you use WordPress, it can load SEO plugin such as Yoast SEO Edit Edit.

• Headings or topics

• Image name and Alt text of image.

Many people may not know. The name of the image also affects SEO. Before uploading, the name should be keyword. And once uploaded Click edit photo And key in the alternative text (usually Alt Text is for the time the image does not load. I will show you what this picture is about.)

If you ask us, what is the most challenging point is Headings.

Write an essay It may be accustomed to writing a paragraph, so there is no need to insert the topic. Headings are very important not only for SEO, but also for easy reading.

The Blockchain technology we write is not very difficult. It can be written, “What is Blockchain,” “Blockchain’s work” naturally. But there are some cases where writing is a natural challenge.

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Suppose Mr. John As a fruit seller The fruits he sells are from Apples, Papaya, Orange, Papaya. He wants to hire you to write an article that has the idea of “4 fruits to lose weight”. The content is about the four fruits he sells. Instead of each topic is 1) Apple 2) Papaya 3) Banana 4) Oranges, he had to put more creativity. May be written

1. lose weight with apples

2. Papaya helps digest the body.

3. Banana full stomach is not fasting.

4. Weight loss, sweet and juicy must eat orange.

If the keyword is entered. If you change a lot, put the synonyms or words that have a close meaning instead, you will see that there is a clear keyword focus. Like fruit to lose weight. It allows you to know what to write without ideas, but if you do not like it. It turns to write more focus instead. Instead of writing four fruits. I can separate articles.

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3. Spread the sample naturally in the article.

Of course, the keywords are not put into the five strategic locations alone. But it should be written in the body of the article. We use some words that should not be put too much, too, because Google will see that we try to put too much. Most suggestions suggest that keyword density should not be more than 2.5%. Keyword density refers to the proportion of keywords relative to the total text in the article. The suggestion is, if possible, we should include the keyword in the first sentence of the article. Then spread loose. Throughout the article

In WordPress, how to view keyword density, you can use the SEO plugin Yoast SEO check it as well.

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4. Write quality articles is the best SEO.

How does Google know what quality articles are available?

• The length of a long article is likely to be a quality article stating “I did not play.” Minimum instructions are at least 300 words, but many experts say 500 words if possible. Powerful

• Fresh Content (Original Content) The word fresh is a two-fold, it is written to be unique, the other is to write first.

• Engagement on Social Media, especially if your articles are shared a lot, will have a very high SEO effect.

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Online writers must write to people like and share is important. Then consider writing to Google like. We found that before anyone + people read and then share. These are two of the most important factors!

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