drip campaign strategy

4 Drip Campaign Strategiesto Make Your Marketing Effective

No doubt using email newsletters are an excellent way of broadcasting new messages, but the strategy has a main issue: new registrars can only see current messages. The first messages will not be seen by the new subscribers; all that can be seen are old broadcasts that were sent before they registered. There is a better solution and it is usually regarded as drip campaign. Others however know it as drip marketing, lifecycle emails, automated email, or marketing automation. Whatever it is called the idea is the same. The meaning of this communication concept is clear to all, but how clear is the drip campaign strategy? What do you know about it and what type of strategy can you adopt to make your marketing campaign an effective one?

drip campaign strategy

Drip campaign setup:

Arranging a drip campaign may appear difficult that is why in this article the act or process is broken down starting from the detail definition of drip campaign and the best strategy that can be adopted for an effective marketing project.

The best time to adopt the strategy:

Drip campaign is vague terms that embrace several various strategies in product or service marketing. However, the objective is still the similar: keep subscribers busy with your offers. There are different cases where creating this innovative automation may assist you in getting important information across to your prospects, and also change them into clients that are ready to buy your products or services.  The idea is that you will select several or one strategy to adopt for your own campaign; or on the other hand, going through the list may help trigger your imagination. So, without much ado, below are 6 ways you can use drip campaign strategy in your business.

Leads cultivation or nurturing:

This has to do with not just capturing leads but nurturing or developing them to become willing customers. It involves utilizing different marketing skill including communication skills to capture the interest of your prospects and turn them to loyal buyers.  Note the term “loyal buyers.” Converting a buyer into a loyal one is or should be the object of all organization because it is the main ingredient in your company that makes your business sustainable.

Welcoming messages:

You have certainly done a wonderful job at promoting your offers, which has generated loads of new prospects to subscribe for your offers or ask for product or service information. Nice job! But have you thought about how these new prospects will receive more info about your offers and how you will convince them that it is what they need?

Well, if you haven’t, this is the point welcome messages stand out – they work as an instant introduction tool of your organization topmost offers, and a basic coverage in using your products. Should someone signup to your newsletters, “welcome messages” is an excellent drip campaign strategy that can be adopted to automatically send links to your most viewed or shared blogs post. Alternatively, you can introduce your current trial service sign ups that are if you have any. Attempt a drip that features life studies on current or previous clients and how they have benefitted from your offers.


No doubt trial users and pageviews are good, but ultimately you definitely need new subscribers to register or order your product/service. This is where on-boarding drip campaign strategy comes in. In addition with “welcome message” discussed above, this technique is a very sure way of making your prospects beg for your products. This is because this strategy helps to introduce the client to your values and brand. Onboarding messages provide targeted small objectives or “sells” in getting customers to buying and using your products.

The “sells” mentioned above may include webinar registrations, downloading your organization’s applications on mobile device, or buying a first-class subscription. Through adopting automated emails, signing up a system that can assists to prompt clients interest in your offers is possible. In this strategy the first phase is to recognize what tots up as activation. Your case might be sending a clients initial level performance email, or the creation of your first landing page… What you should aim to do in this instance is to egg on new dormant users to follow this activation strides.


Approval drip campaign strategy is a cornerstone of most gigantic retailers. The more an organization knows about your buying pattern, predicting your likes or dislikes will become easier. This information will enable them to deliver focused drip messages that have coupons or products exclusive to your ordering inclinations.

It is a fact that drip marketing campaign is here to make your marketing easy and very effective. So, no matter which strategy you choose, if you stick with your subscribers and assist them to use your offers, your effort will yield a significant result.

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