know your passion

3 Things To Know Your Passion Before Going Wrong

Passion is the sense of passion that is hard to explain. In between love and love. And it has been accepted for decades that anyone who has worked on their Passion is rich! but….

The problem is that this word is difficult to handle. It is difficult to measure how Passion is, how to find it, etc., and heaviest is that some people may be tricked with the word Passion to avoid doing. ‘Job function’ to do what is ‘comfortable’, but not with anything after life, there is a teaser to the subject of slow life, etc.

know your passion

How to love what to do

The heart of the work is happy. Has a clear destination goal At least to a certain extent what you want to be.

Do you want to be rich by owning a retail business? And regular work is a retail business, including modern retail. And furniture retail Keep up with the craving in mind.

From routine to personal business all the way to liking. And insist that to do something love. If you enjoy it And progress fast And no need to separate between regular work vs personal business.

There are no secret recipes and shortcuts.

I do not have any secret formula or tool to find any Passion from now on is a crystallized concept of ‘thinking done’. Then search for it. Find what you really like. And become three things to know about Passion before going wrong.

1. You may have misunderstood Passion:

Because like cooking. Must open a restaurant – not always true! And that would be a very dangerous decision because!

You may enjoy cooking. But it can be a painful death to manage the whole restaurant business. Since stock management Dealing with people Account Management And fight with competitors. Passion becomes instant torture. If you take the passion of ‘cooking’ to open a restaurant, which is the world of ‘business’

The key to me is what you love to do. ‘Do it professionally’ – on the other hand, what you choose to do is a career that can send you to the destination you want to be.

I did not have a passion in writing but I wrote until people read it. ‘I love being aware’, I want people to get to know my message. And writing is the path to what I love to be. Not a writer, not a speaker, but a ‘perceiver’

Today, I was able to expand my team to writing content on the site, having a tutor to spread the knowledge instead of taking it myself. And I’m still earning and being recognized as it was.

So Passion may not bring you something you love. But it’s a career that will send you to the ultimate desire in your heart.

2. Passion may change over time:

Passion does not have to be a permanent feeling. But it may change according to your time and your life goals.

Four years ago, I wanted to be recognized through writing. I wrote a lot. The book is very ebooks. And make good money from selling ebooks two years ago. I want to be recognized through speech. I worked so hard. Of course, I make a lot of money by speaking as well.

But today I do not want to be seen in the foreground as many years ago. I want to stay behind, want to create, want to manage, and achieve the success of the people and products as a result. Today I am happy with the team building and business foundation to grow.

3. Do not watch for Passion:

Jeff Bezos: Chairman and CEO of Amazon “One of the huge mistakes people make is that they try to force an interest on themselves. You don’t choose your passions; your passions choose you.” – A lot of people are stressed out to find what they love. And I found that those people did not do anything but sit thinking what they want to do.

“What if I’m sitting here thinking what I want to do? You will not do anything. “

Over the past ten years What do I feel like doing? I study and do immediately. It becomes the phrase ‘think, do it’. Fear of failure is less than fear of not doing. If it was done, it was not or was not, it stopped and then went on to do what we felt was ‘yes’.

Of course, on the way you will lose a lot of money. But the date clicked on the right thing. You will get everything back in a short time. As a couple. The day you meet the right person at the ready time. Relationships are growing fast. Business too

Plus, Inspiration is family:

Doing great things must be clearer and bigger than yourself. Why can you change the world? Improve the quality of life, etc., use it.

But why is it important and the ultimate inspiration is the family if they want to succeed. To be a desire to repay the family. The power here is so great, and again when you reach the point where it clicked. You can jump ten. As far as what you do in a short time.

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